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Riegan and Neal Loveland

“The Royals”  
At age 14 they were crowned prince and princess at their high school  homecoming court, at age 21, they were crowned king and queen of  their newly founded dynasty; Mr. & Mrs Neil Loveland.
At age 14 they were crowned prince and princess at their high school  homecoming court, at age 21, they were crowned king and queen of  their newly founded dynasty; Mr. & Mrs Neil Loveland. If you ask  Riegan, she didn’t think that first crowning was a foretelling of their  future, especially since Neil moved out of state shortly afterwards, but  Neil knew. “I always had her in my heart. Anytime I came back to visit, I  would watch for her, ask about her, search her out.” After moving back  to Idaho, a return visit home for the holidays for Riegan, resulted in an  endless date for the couple. After a 10 week long engagement, Neil and  Riegan were married in the Idaho Falls Temple on March 19, 2021. 
The Loveland’s felt honored to be the first couple to begin their happily  ever after at the Valentine Ballroom. Riegan knew she wanted  somewhere that was timeless, sophisticated and draped in elegance,  and the newly renovated event venue was picture perfect. “I wanted it to  feel ‘Royal’ when you walked in.” With the floor to ceiling curtains,  draped ceiling and crystal chandeliers, the foundation for that ambiance  was started, but Riegan’s use of timeless flowers and her color  combinations were key to keeping her wedding theme classic and  modern yet not too absorbed in current trends. A&J Floral created large  fresh florals on every table, alongside the overside mantle and draped  the piano with toffee, cream, and white roses, bleached bunny tails,  Italian rascus, and pampas grasses tied together with hints of black and  gold. Beautiful wheat grasses were included in the floral arrangements  and the couples new monogram, a nod to Neil’s family heritage of  farming.  
As guests arrived they were greeted at valet parking by Valentine’s  tuxedo clad doormen. Guests then entered the ballroom, passing over a  9 foot diameter printed monogram on the floor of the couples initials, to  the sounds of classical music from the baby grand piano as Valentine  featured pianist, Emily Lee, worked the ivories. Midway through the  evening, the tunes and mood were turned up a notch as DJ Dan with  DLR Audio got the dance party started and the lighting transformed the  ballroom into the hottest club in downtown Pocatello. Stuart’s Media  Group provided special touches to help personalize the space such as  the massive 10 foot drop banners of portraits from their wedding shoot 
on each side of the fireplace. Guests dined on classic hors deourves,  salads, and cookies catered by Valentine Bridal and Events. The  favorite item, however, was the branded monogram dinner rolls  provided as a special treat by the mother of the Groom.  
The newlyweds were sent off to start their new life together in a tunnel  of sparklers, lavender, rose buds and rice as they jumped into Riegan’s  great grandfathers’ vintage 1969 mustang that had also carried her  sisters away to their honeymoons. When asked how they felt the night  went they agreed it was nothing short of dreamy.  
“It was important to me that we had the opportunity to express our  thanks and show gratitude to the people who have been most influential  in our lives. The flow, the food, the dancing, made it all perfect.” Neil  recalls.  
Riegan agreed, “Being the last of the 3 girls in my family to get married,  I was so grateful to have the comfort and support of my sisters and  mom. From them helping me get ready in the bridal suite to dancing  side by side with us, it was perfect. Family is everything and I think  everyone who came felt that they were an important part of our family.”

Loveland Wedding Vendors:
Florals: A&J Floral
Photography: Jamie Findlay Photography
Videography: Dani Tarbet Photography
Catering: Valentine Events
DJ: DLR Audio
Print Suite (banners, invitations, floor monogram, door graphics, Stuarts Media)
Hair/Makeup: Nouveau Medspa and Salon
Wedding Planning and Coordination: Valentine Ballroom Events

Written by: Cassia Myers