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Tammy and Mike Green

When a bride and groom says their goal for their wedding is for their guests to leave feeling determined to increase their love for their own spouse or relationship, you know it’s going to be a wedding full of all the feels. For Tammy and Micheal Green, that’s what it was all about. From their first date to the wedding isle, the feelings of admiration, true-self happiness and even protection and safety, helped kindle their fire into the kind of love story they both had really only dreamed about. 


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“Her influence on my decision making and ability to balance me out helped change my persona toward others. It had everyone noticing I was a much happier person.” Mike, the previously viewed ‘Eternal Bachelor’, says of his realization that Tammy was meant for him. “I want her to be proud of me and who she is as a person completes me”. Tammy felt it simply click one day while they were on a drive. “Mike mentioned that he fiercely protects the ones he loves. I consciously remember thinking ‘that’s it. He’s the one.'” Mike’s ability to help her navigate life with a playful yet deeply meaningful touch is exactly what she had hoped to find in a spouse. “One minute he’s got us laughing by wearing my swimsuit to mow the lawn in, the next he is solving all my sorrows with his thoughtful tenderness, he is always exactly what I need at that moment.”
After a 9 month engagement, Mike and Tammy sealed their commitment to each other in a beautiful Fall ceremony at the Valentine Ballroom, where they made sure their guests laughed, danced and ate the night away. Choosing the Valentine as their ceremony hall was an easy choice. It was important they had somewhere that was available to them and their guests all day long so they could make the day a family event. The weather also didn’t cooperate for their afternoon photo session so knowing they could take beautiful photos in the ballroom at anytime throughout the day helped ease the stress and worry of the weather messing with their plans and timeline. “Planning a wedding from another city can be scary and nerve wracking. But using Mecinna and her staff for all the details was perfect. They thought of everything. I worried about nothing. And the old bank vault turned Bar was very cool. It added a unique twist to the night and was very fun.”
The special details in decor made the room glow with a warm, Fall ambiance, just what Tammy had hoped for. The center pieces were slices of pine, freshly harvested from the local forest, adorned with amber colored vases incasing white pillar candles. The natural greenery included touches of beige pampus grass and moss and burlap tables runners dressed the tables topped with creamy, white guaze. The clean, neutral pallet set the stage for the stars of the show; her brilliant, vibrant florals. Roses, lilies and bulbs of every deep fall color imaginable were used to make the room feel lit with fire and glowing softly throughout the night. Their 3-layer cake was drizzled in caramel and a donut wall with maple and chocolate potato donuts kept even the food table in warm character.
Nothing prepared Mike for the sight of seeing Tammy being escorted down the isle by her two sons in an elegant, off the shoulder gown. “I will never forget the moment I turned and saw her coming toward me. She was perfect.” The bridesmaids’ dresses, all floor length but chosen in random fall colors by the maids, brought a beautiful and mellow rainbow effect into the room. The cheerfulness was indulged by the groom’s humor as he entertained the guests during the ceremony and reception by preforming pushups and cracking jokes. The fun moments and tender ones, like the couple moving together in their first dance to Chris Stapleton’s “Joy of my Life”, were caught on camera by Sarah Stacy Photography, a wife and husband duo.
As party guests danced, drank and laughed into the night, the happy couple ensured each person there knew how much they were appreciated and valued in their new life together. Tammy made sure each guest received a hug and Mike, being a coach and teacher at the local high school, loved introducing his friends and coworkers to the women who finally dethroned him of his bachelorhood title. “It was kind of like the ending of one life and the beginning of a new one for me,” Mike recalled. “I really was so excited for all the important people in my life to meet the woman who has had such an impact on me.” As the warm fall glow from the candles and lights dimmed, the dance line tired and the magical evening began to come to a perfect closing, the happy couple wished their guests a lifetime of love and happiness. The joining of Mike and Tammy Green is more than just a story of love and acceptance. It’s a new chance at a fuller future, one that is undoubtable going to be full of exiting new moments and dreams long waiting to be fulfilled, starting with the purchase of a new boat…and a lot of laughter.

By: Casssia Myers